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Stephanie Fitzner - 2014 Annual Awards and Recognition Photo Credit: Rebecca Clarke Emotive Photography, rebeccaclarke.ca

Stephanie Fitzner - 2014 Annual Awards and Recognition
Photo Credit: Rebecca Clarke Emotive Photography, rebeccaclarke.ca


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Stephanie Fitzner, Alumni 2014
Company: Let's Book Swap

Let's Book Swap will enable university students to obtain textbooks conveniently and inexpensively. They are located close to the university campus where students can drop off used textbooks in exchange for credits that can be used to obtain their needed texts. Each exchange will require a swap fee, paid to Let's Book Swap.

Check out their Facebook page for more details!

David Proctor, Alumni 2010
Dr. John Hugh Gillis, Antigonish

I was a member of Junior Achievement through grades 10-12 and graduated from Dr. J.H. Gillis in 2010. From there I went to St. Francis Xavier University earning two degrees: a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in accounting and graduated in 2014 and a Bachelor of Information Systems majoring in Enterprise Systems and I graduated  in 2016. 

I’m currently living in Charlottetown PEI and working as a Consultant for CONTAX Inc., focusing specifically in the area of EDI (electronic data interchange) between businesses. 

Prior to joining JA, I was primarily science focused, assuming I would go to university and pursue pharmacy or engineering. JA exposed me to things that just weren’t offered within our high school curriculum and really captured my interest more than any science courses had in the past. It encouraged me to think differently and change what my perceived path had been up to that point, making a hard shift from science and accumulating as many business / economic courses as possible prior to my graduation from high school. At that point I still wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do, but JA provided a jumping off point for me and allowed me to learn and try things that I otherwise would have never been exposed to.

Breton Cousins, Alumni 2008
Memorial High School, Sydney Mines

I graduated from Dalhousie in 2013. Majored in Political Science. 

After graduation I worked for a company called the Hub Halifax for a year as their Operations Manager. Hub Halifax is an incubator for social enterprises, not-for-profits and advocacy groups. 

From there I worked as Communications Director for Andy Fillmore’s campaign, the Federal Liberal Candidate in Halifax, for over a year. He won the election, and asked me to work for him, so I moved to Ottawa and now I work as a political staffer on Parliament Hill. Mostly doing political communications work and legislative affairs. It’s the best!!

Junior Achievement was very influential. It taught me a fair deal about community organizing, messaging, and marketing – all useful skills for political work. Frankly, the greatest contribution it made to my life is to connect me to some of my best friends that I still have today. I’m always running into folks from my JA days, even today a fellow achiever works down the hall from me in another MPs office. 

Amy Donovan, Alumni 2008
Memorial High School, Sydney Mines

I have a BA and a Master’s Degree in Anthropology from Dalhousie, and am working on a second Master's in Creative Writing through Memorial University in Newfoundland. 

I've been working for Parks Canada in between, doing a few different things, mostly interpretation - guided hikes and whatnot. I am currently in Ingonish doing that. I've also worked quite a bit with the Springtide Collective, a public interest group working to revitalize democracy in Nova Scotia - I mostly did graphic design work. And I've done a bunch of research work at Dal and MUN, mostly linked to my Anthropology MA. 

JA gave me lots of skills, but I think what I've used the most is the self-taught graphic design work I began doing for my JA company (and have been doing freelance for various clients for a few years).  JA has really helped me today with my social confidence in networking-type scenarios - that's been super helpful.

Thomas Turniawan,  Alumni 2005
Dr. John Hugh Gillis, Antigonish

I graduated from St. FX University with Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration - Accounting, 2009.  After graduation I landed a job with St. FX’s Recruitment Department until 2013.  

Currently, I live in Vancouver and spent 1 year in sales/operations/marketing for a marketing agency, and now work as an Administrator in the School of Business at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Junior Achievement influenced me in the sense that I was a pure science student in high school. JA’s Company Program was offered for the first time in my Grade 12 year.  I joined Company Program knowing nothing about business or having any interest in it. That choice was life-changing! It steered me into my Business Degree (originally slated to complete the Human Kinetics program). I was immediately immersed in the Company Program and helped our company, Kulak, A JA Company, to achieve Company of the Year by leading Kulak in sales. I was also a finalist for Salesperson of the Year and was awarded our Company's Merit Award. 
In many ways, JA's Company Program shaped me as a person and my career. I was quite shy throughout most of high school and the sales skills I learned through my position with this Company taught me strong communication skills and to be confident in what I was doing (in this case, selling a product that I believed in). 

Switching from Science to Business also changed my career trajectory as I've worked in recruitment, sales, marketing, operations, and now administration in the six year since I finished my degree. After my first year at St. FX, I returned to the program as an Advisor and was able to mentor high school students in the very same program that helped me so much. I also had a passion for advising because many schools do not offer business programs like it. I hoped to influence students positively the same way that I was influenced.

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