JA Classroom   Photo Credit: JA Canada

JA Classroom
Photo Credit: JA Canada

Adopt-a-School or Adopt-a-Class

Our Business World (OBW) is delivered to elementary students and helps them understand how business really works. Outcomes include an appreciation for planning, improved decision making effectiveness and self-confidence. Students learn how to set goals and reach them!

What I learned today will help me in the future because I now know to spend my time and money on things that I will benefit in life from.
— JA Achiever

Dollars with Sense (DWS) is widely applicable to grade 7 through to grade 10. The program teaches financial literacy, personal spending, saving, real costs, budgeting and investing. DWS increases knowledge and awareness of financial planning techniques, improves financial literacy, numeracy and personal management and boosts self-confident and the ability to make wise investment choices.

Economics for Success (EFS) is a program delivered to grade 9 and helps students develop a greater appreciation for the opportunities available through education and staying in school.  Outcomes include having an improved ability to plan and manage education and financial futures. EFS helps students develop employability and interpersonal effectiveness.

Investment: Adopt-A-School

  • $5,000 corporate sponsorship
  • 10 volunteer advisors
  • Supports 5 classes, a minimum of 120 students

Investment: Adopt-A-Class

  • $1,000 corporate sponsorship
  • 2 volunteer advisors
  • Supports 1 class, a minimum of 24 students

Return on Investment

  • Direct impact on student learning
  • Knowledge mobilization
  • Real-world experience for today’s youth
  • Developing and investing Nova Scotia’s next generation of leaders
  • Enhancing financial literacy, contributing to workplace readiness and inspiring entrepreneurship

Please contact Shakara Joseph for more details:
902.454.4564 ext 109

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