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#Adulting sessions will be offered over the course of 6 weeks in collaboration with partnered organizations. This JA program provides 18-25 year olds six 2 hour modules consisting of:  

Module 1A – Debt
Participants examine various kinds of debt, including loans and interest through key terms, visual aids, collaborative discussions and activities. 

Module 1B – Credit
Participants learn important definitions associated with credit, review eligibility criteria, how to access credit information and improve a credit score. 

Module 2 – Budgeting, Saving and Investing
Participants review the advantages and barriers to personal budgeting, cash flow planning, actual living costs, and the difference between wants and needs from an adult perspective.

Module 3 – Finance, Price vs Cost and Income Tax
In this module, participants investigate the world of finance and learn how to ask the right questions to be a smart consumer. 

Module 4 – Skills Inventory
Participants explore work readiness through the development of a skills inventory. 

Module 5 – Decision Making and Goal Setting
Participants explore the role and importance of decision making and goal setting for personal and professional growth. 


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