Canadian personal debt is at a record high.

Canadian youth are growing up in a time in which spending is easier than ever and debt is a way of life. This problem is exacerbated by hectic family schedules, which leave parents with little time to teach their children about money management.

Through JA’s Dollars with Sense program, students get the tools they need to make smart financial decisions, live debt-free, and become savvy investors. 

Dollars with Sense volunteers make learning fun by using games and multimedia to boost students’ self-confidence and help them achieve financial literacy.

By the end of the program, students will have a stronger sense of financial responsibility and the tools they need to be wise consumers.

In Nova Scotia, there are two versions of this program which are offered to grade 8 and 10 students with different supporting activities and outcomes.

In Grade 8, students learn personal money management skills that they can apply to their lives, beginning now.

Grade 8 Key Outcomes

In this program, students:

  • Identify personal financial needs, wants, and goals
  • Develop a money management self-profile
  • Discover what influences spending
  • Learn how to make informed consumer decisions
  • Calculate the cost of credit
  • Prepare a budget
  • Assess the benefits and risks of online shopping, as well as learn how to avoid scams in the digital age
  • Receive an introduction to the stock market and learn how wealth can grow through wise investments

In Grade 10, students learn about budgeting, money management, credit management, saving, investing and financial goal-setting.

Grade 10 Key Outcomes

In this program, students:

  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of sound financial literacy and practices
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Engage and reflect about the real costs of living
  • Connect to real world issues
  • Develop an appreciation of the role of small business in the community
  • Learn "smart consumerism" by understanding the rights and responsibilities of consumers
  • Understand transactions and how interest is calculated
  • Develop an understanding of purchasing power


The program has taught me how to make good, responsible smart decisions by teaching me how to do it right.
— Dollars with Sense Student

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