From the Volunteer -- Pat d'Entremont

When I was in school, there wasn’t any program like this available, so to have JA available is definitely what the schools need
— Pat d'Entremont, Nicom IT

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nicom IT Partner and JA Nova Scotia supporter, Pat d’Entremont this past week. Pat has been actively involved with JA in many different ways throughout the past few years, which includes volunteering for the Economics for Success Program. The Economics for Success program is one of the many JA programs delivered by community volunteers. Students plan an educational career path and gain a stronger sense of who they are and how to use their strengths to succeed in the future. In Nova Scotia, this program is offered to grade nine students.

“When I was in school, there wasn’t any program like this available, so to have JA available is definitely what the schools need,” said Pat. “It is a real eye-opener for the kids. To see how they respond to the reality of budgeting their money”. In one of the activities, the students build a personal budget, and they are presented with a career and a fixed salary. Pat explained that when the students had the realization that they couldn’t have their luxury items on a fixed salary, the students really became engaged.  “We had lively discussions, and the students really got into it. It was a lot of fun,” said Pat.

Pat advises anyone contemplating volunteering to consider JA. “It’s easy, not intimidating and can really expand on your people skills. Whether you do it as an organization, as a team-building exercise or just volunteer because it is the right thing to do, it will always have personal benefits”, said Pat.  Two of Pat’s employees are participating in delivering JA programs this coming Spring.

Along with JA, Nicom IT also contributes time to the Annual Christmas Daddies. On a personal level, Pat is an active member of the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia and produces articles in the Business Voice magazine a few times throughout the year.

Pat not only supports JA in volunteering, but his organization at Nicom IT, also provides JA with in-kind support. Nicom IT provides JA with technical support as well as web design and development. “Whether you or your organization have certain skills that you could provide or you are looking to build your experience, you can do this through providing a service to a non—profit, charitable organization like JA Nova Scotia!” 


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