Volunteer Testimonial - Steve Foley, Nicom IT

"We were lucky to spend the morning with a very inquisitive and forward thinking group of grade 9 students!

It was great to get some insight into the their values, interests and skills, and discuss how it all plays into their career aspirations.  No matter what level of understanding each student had with regard to their future desires and how to get there, it was apparent that the program helped everyone reflect and understand the importance of planning, education, and gaining experience.  Seeing the lightbulb go on as the students envision their future possibilities is energizing.  

We also shared our own experiences with the class; the smart moves, the mistakes, lessons learned, and the journey of self-knowledge and the choices that got us to where we are today; working with Nicom IT Solutions – providing a range of top quality information technology services.

It was impressive to see that many of the students had a strong idea of their future occupations, and some were already gaining valuable experience in part time jobs.  I would not be surprised if some of them decide to become involved in Junior Achievement’s Company program due to entrepreneurial ambitions; for example, one of the students aspires to own a food truck, and another student wants to be an independent video game developer.  

Being involved with the youth is very important – they are our future.  Thanks to the students’ enthusiasm, energy and eagerness to explore the Economics for Success activities, we had so much fun. "

- Steve Foley, Nicom IT -- JA Nova Scotia Volunteer


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