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Hey! I am Rose and I am the summer intern at Junior Achievement. I love making films, writing and entrepreneurship. I did the Company Program this year and it was an incredible experience to meet like minded people, start a business and network with others in the business world. I was the VP of marketing and it allowed for me learn so much about market research and marketing campaigns which help engage your target market. Each week, I am going to be talking about my experiences with JA, the exciting things happening this summer and what I learn along the way! 

My group’s company was Be❤️cause and we created badges by hand. Our company sold themed badges each depicting different causes one could support by purchasing that particular badge. We overcame challenges that we ran into and we’re able to break even at the end of the program. My group was an amazing group of students that were all passionate about our product and giving back to our community as our company was a social enterprise. 

This week I'm going to the Phoenix Centre to help with Ideation Boot Camp as they present their ideas for a business in a short pitch. We are also hard at work planning an incredible week in August for JA-Amp! The camp is all about creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. To register for the weeklong day camp go to http://www.janovascotia.ca/jaamp/ 

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