10 Things only JA Achievers from Company Program will get



Nerves before Pitch It!

Being nervous is natural and expected when public speaking is involved, but all of us are nervous about Pitch It! Despite all the nerves everyone does a really great job presenting their pitches, and it is a really fun day overall.

After finishing your elevator pitch

Upon finishing your elevator style pitch, it is your chance to breathe, relax and enjoy watching the other pitches. Gaining pitching skills is so important and Pitch It is a great opportunity to hone those skills.

Not everything will go according to plan...

Throughout the program every company experiences challenges and unexpected things that will happen. From a member dropping out to navigating problems around making your product, we all encounter testing situations. Though we all learn something from them. As a group we learn how to overcome these challenges, and persevere.

When your group comes up with their idea

Once you start brainstorming in your group, there is usually no shortage of ideas and narrowing down the decision is not always easy. But once the idea is selected it is so exciting to have an idea that you can now work on and make a reality!

No matter the product, you make sure it has an unique spin

No matter what idea your group decides on, the product will always have an innovative aspect to it. Everyone's product or services are always unique and stand out from the crowd!

Impressed by the other companies products or services

Everyone is proud of their own idea, but watching other pitches and other companies at Trade Fair you get to see so many cool ideas. The products and services people have come up with and executed are always really impressive.

The Business Hall of the Fame has the best food

For everyone who has gone to the Business Hall of Fame, they know that the food is incredible! The event is such a great opportunity to network and honour business leaders in Nova Scotia while enjoying amazing cuisine. 

You get to say you have run your own business

Company program gives you an unique experience you can share with others and put on a resume! Company program looks great on a resume because it means that you took on a challenge, worked as a team and problem solved to start your own business. 

Having to say goodbye to everyone at the end of the program

As a part of Company program everyone meets new people from across the province at the many different events hosted throughout the year. New friends are made during the program and saying goodbye to them at the end of the program is difficult, but hopefully you will see them again in Company program next year!

JA is for everyone!

Junior Achievement is truly for everyone, the only criteria is that your are a high school student. No matter your skill level or background everyone is welcome to join Company program and be a part of an unforgettable experience!

JA is the best!

Junior Achievement is really the best, because it offers an unique experience for you to start your own business and learn so many important business skills while still in high school! JA truly moulds young minds into entrepreneurial spirits.

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