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Junior Achievement helps students to pursue success and reach their goals by equipping them with the necessary skills for the business world. Junior Achievement helps one discover new career paths that someone may not have thought of before. This exposure to careers is great for any age. There are so many options from going to College, University, apprenticeships, working and more. No matter what you decide on, you will be successful with the skills JA has provided you with. 

Like many students last Fall, I had not yet decided what I wanted to pursue for my secondary education. I have many interests from film, to history and programming. I had only just been introduced to business in a course I had taken in the past year, but it led me to the Company Program which allowed me to learn about entrepreneurship, and acquire hand on skills of how to start my own business! It made me feel confident that I could express my passions through entrepreneurship. I will now be attending university to study Business management in the fall.  #FromHeretoThere 

Other Achievers have gone on to work in many different fields, still carrying the skills the JA experience gave them. This week I would like to highlight an achiever and his JA experience!

"I believe the Company Program improved my awareness of new career opportunities, it enhanced critical-thinking, and introduced me to presentation and leadership skills. Personally, Iā€™m a kinesthetic learner. Junior Achievement has had more of an impact on my education than school ever will - I believe this is because of the experiential learning component." - Alfred Burgesson

No matter what adventure awaits you, the JA experience will get you there.



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