From Here to There: David Proctor, JA Alumni

David Proctor.jpg

I was a member of Junior Achievement through grades 10-12 and graduated from Dr. J.H. Gillis in 2010. From there I went to St. Francis Xavier University earning two degrees: a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in accounting and graduated in 2014 and a Bachelor of Information Systems majoring in Enterprise Systems and I graduated in 2016. 

I’m currently living in Charlottetown PEI and working as a Consultant for CONTAX Inc., focusing specifically in the area of EDI (electronic data interchange) between businesses. 

Prior to joining JA, I was primarily science focused, assuming I would go to university and pursue pharmacy or engineering. JA exposed me to things that just weren’t offered within our high school curriculum and really captured my interest more than any science courses had in the past. It encouraged me to think differently and change what my perceived path had been up to that point, making a hard shift from science and accumulating as many business / economic courses as possible prior to my graduation from high school. At that point I still wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do, but JA provided a jumping off point for me and allowed me to learn and try things that I otherwise would have never been exposed to.

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