JA Students   Photo Credit: JA Canada

JA Students
Photo Credit: JA Canada

Getting Involved

As a JA Company Program mentor, your staff team will be able to directly mentor and support the learning of the students on a weekly basis from October to March. Each week, JA will provide lessons and guided activities to be led by 3-4 volunteer advisor staff members. Students meet with advisors once per week for 3 hours for 18 weeks (at a mutually agreed upon time and day at your office). 

Company Program takes students through the entire business cycle from start-up to liquidation.  Each student assumes a role within the company, which means that all employees at your company will have a role to play as a mentor and guide. Students will not only develop deep insight into business, but direct access to the real world perspectives of business leaders, appreciation of your organizational culture, and the creativity and dedication required to be successful in today’s marketplace. Achievers will see how real business challenges are solved and apply those insights to their own venture.


In two years, I have transformed from an unsure teenager with an uncertain career path to an ambitious, career-driven adult who feels prepared and excited to enter the once intimidating workforce.
— JA Alumni
  • Volunteers staff advisors to serve as mentors
  • Office space to meet weekly

Return on Investment

  • Direct impact on student learning
  • Knowledge mobilization
  • Real-world experience for today’s youth
  • Innovative ideas for your company from student entrepreneurs
  • Developing and investing Nova Scotia’s next generation of leaders
  • Inspiring students to build their future businesses in Nova Scotia

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